Financial Readiness

Mr. Andrew (Andy) Cohen
Mr. Andrew (Andy) Cohen
Director, Financial Readiness


The Office of Financial Readiness, in collaboration with the Services, federal partners, and non-federal entities, provides programs, policy, education, advocacy, and program oversight required for service members and families to achieve personal financial readiness in support of mission readiness.


Service members and families recognize DoD as their trusted source for financial education and counseling. Service members and families report feeling financially comfortable and those who may need help are not afraid to seek it.



The financial readiness of service members and their families is a state in which the successful management of personal financial responsibilities supports a service member’s ability to perform his or her wartime responsibilities.

To work towards that state, the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Financial Readiness programs provide resources to reduce the risk of financial challenges and associated stress that may negatively impact individual performance and mission readiness.

Major lines of effort in carrying out DoD’s military financial readiness efforts include:

  • Providing financial literacy education across the military lifecycle.
  • No cost financial counseling services for Service members and their spouses.
  • Continuing programmatic assessments to ensure policies and programs are operating as intended.
  • Actions to ensure military consumers receive the consumer protections afforded them by Congress.
  • Communications and outreach to educate military members and families, other Federal departments and agencies, and interested non-federal parties.

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