The Total Force Manpower and Resources Reports page includes descriptions and links to important Department of Defense and government reports and survey results that relate to the deputate.

Defense Manpower Requirements Reports

These annual reports, submitted in accordance with section 115a of title 10, United States Code, explain the Department of Defense manpower requirements as reflected in the president’s annual budget request.

Inherently Governmental/Commercial Activities (IG/CA) Inventory

The IG/CA is used to comply with statutory and regulatory reporting requirements, including requirements established by the Federal Activities Inventory Reform (FAIR) Act and in Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76.  The IG/CA Inventory identifies and categorizes, as either inherently governmental or commercial activities, all appropriated-fund military and civilian manpower authorizations (including working capital). It is seen as a means of communicating the size and composition of the DoD's federal workforce.

Inventory of Contracted Services Reports

These Inventory of Contracted Services reports, submitted annually in accordance with section 2330a of title 10, United States Code, document contracted services for or on behalf of the Department of Defense.

Total Force Manpower and Resources-sponsored Studies and Reports

These reports and studies, predominantly published by Federal Funded Research and Development Centers, were sponsored by the Office of Total Force Manpower and Resources. In addition, this section contains selected reports completed by the Office of Total Force Manpower and Resources.