About Us

The Total Force Manpower and Resources directorate supports the military departments and Defense agencies, field activities, combatant commanders and other Department of Defense components by providing policy and proactive oversight of Total Force (active and reserve military, government civilian and contracted services) requirements development to achieve a Total Force manpower mix that enables required operational and support capabilities while minimizing unnecessary costs and maximizing monies available for other compelling needs.

Total Force Manpower and Resources directorate services include: 

  • Shaping beneficial statutory changes while developing policies, plans and programs for Total Force manpower to ensure Department of Defense components align work cost-effectively and appropriately among military, civilians and contracted services 
  • Assessing Department of Defense components’ planning, programming and budgeting to ensure executable, appropriate, and cost-effective manpower and personnel programs
  • Overseeing development of life-cycle manpower requirements for major defense acquisition programs 
  • Discharging Department of Defense-wide Total Force responsibilities, particularly when actions of services and other components must be complementary or consistent.

The Total Force Manpower and Resources directorate is committed — through policy development, oversight and proactive advocacy — to ensuring that the Department of Defense meets its worldwide missions through capabilities made possible by the judicious allocation of military, government civilian and private-sector personnel in a manner that is cost effective and efficient, promotes readiness and sustains the all-volunteer force.