Defense Travel Management Office


The Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) serves as the single focal point for commercial travel within the Department of Defense; establishes strategic direction, sets policy, and centrally manages commercial travel programs and station/housing allowances.

DTMO provides central oversight for: 

• Commercial travel management
• Travel policy and implementation
• Travel card program management
• Customer support and training
• Functional oversight of the Defense Travel System
• Station and housing allowances program management

DTMO is operationally and administratively aligned to the Defense Human Resources Activity. DTMO’s functional areas related to travel policy and station/housing allowance programs directly support the Office of the Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness, Manpower and Reserve Affairs, Military Personnel Policy. The Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Military Personnel Policy chairs the Per Diem, Travel and Transportation Allowance Committee (PDTATAC) and provides policy oversight and supervision of travel and transportation allowances for uniformed service members and DoD civilian employees, station allowances for uniformed service members, and housing allowances for uniformed service members.


DTMO is focused on Travel Management Reform with a strategy to maximize policy understanding, improve delivery of travel services, and optimize cost-effective travel. Travel Management Reform will streamline processes, simplify policy, improve compliance, and leverage current technologies. Bringing this business reform to DoD will make travel operations more efficient, freeing up funds to redirect to increasing the lethality of the warfighter. 

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