Policy And Legislation

The Reserve Integration Policy and Legislation page includes descriptions and links to important Department of Defense policies and U.S. government legislation that relate to the deputate.

Department of Defense Policy

Department of Defense Instruction 1205.12, “Civilian Employment and Reemployment Rights for Service Members, Former Service Members and Applicants of the Uniformed Services,” Feb. 24, 2016, Incorporating Change 1, Effective May 20, 2016 – This policy establishes policy, assigns responsibilities and provides procedures for informing service members and individuals who apply for uniformed service of their civilian employment and reemployment rights, benefits and obligations pursuant to the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act.
Department of Defense Instruction 1250.02, “DoD Reserve Forces Senior Enlisted Advisors Council,” Oct. 31, 2013 – This policy updates the assigned responsibilities and membership requirements of the Department of Defense Reserve Forces Senior Enlisted Advisors Council.