DLNSEO supports key strategies and initiatives to address the challenges of national foreign language and culture preparedness.  These key investment  areas include:

  • Building a Talent Pipeline - Working with schools, universities, and federal training institutions to build the capabilities of our nation’s citizens to become and to remain skilled in critical languages.
  • Strengthening Workforce Readiness - Providing a ready pool of U.S. citizens, civilian and military, who possess language and culture expertise critical for public service, and sustaining these skills.

  • Improving Testing and Assessment - Developing proficiency metrics and tools to validate the language and culture expertise of DoD personnel and our nation’s citizenry.

  • Creating Surge Capability - Accessing and deploying personnel with language and culture expertise necessary for immediate needs.

  • Enhancing Regional Alignment - Ensuring that language and culture policies and programs support the specific regional needs of the 21st century Total Force.

  • Leveraging Technology - Employing cutting edge technologies to create effective blended-learning opportunities for language training and maintenance, and cultural