Reserve Integration
Ensuring seamless integration of Reserve component policy and programming


Reserve Component Integration

Reserve Component (RC) Integration centers on providing advocacy and education on the RC to influence policy and programs for the Total Force mission and readiness. Integration efforts span a myriad of issues, including:RC mobilization to ensure successful implementation of the National Defense Strategy; Full Time Support to enable RC forces to Organize, Administer, Recruit, Instruct, Train, and provide core maintenance functions; and the annual screening of over one million RC service members to ensure they meet military service standards and qualifications.


Materiel, Equipment & Facilities

Materiel, Equipment and Facilities maintains oversight and accountability of RC equipment and movement to include the National Guard and Reserve Equipment Appropriation (NGREA), production of the NG and Reserve Equipment Report (NGRER), oversight of equipment transfers from the RCs to Active Component, RC Equipment Movement and Transparency Reports, and funding for NG and Reserve Component Equipment Procurement. Oversight of all RC facility programs includes responsibility for Military Construction; Sustainment, Restoration and Modernization; Base Operating Support; environmental and energy programs; real property acquisition, management, and disposal; and Base Realignment and Closure.


Civil Military

Civil Military Programs promote military and community engagement, and the development of our Nation’s next generation of leaders across Innovative Readiness Training (IRT), Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC), National Guard Youth Challenge (NGYCP), and the Department of Defense STARBASE program. IRT is a civilian military training authority that delivers readiness for military personnel while addressing public and civil-society needs within the U.S. and it’s territories. JROTC instills in U.S High Schools students the values of citizenship, service, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment. NGYCP intervenes in and reclaims the lives of 16 – 18 year-old high school dropouts. Through residential training on military installations and mentorship, the program provides military-based training, work experience, attainment of high school diplomas or equivalent, leadership development, community service opportunities, life and job skills, physical fitness, and health and hygiene education. DoD STARBASE exposes our nation’s youth to STEM and positive civilian and military role models through DoD-led experiential learning for local community schools.