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The Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Civilian Personnel Policy is the Department of Defense’s worldwide human resource policy office. Plans, policies and programs that affect the civilian Department of Defense workforce are created and managed by this office. Civilian Personnel Policy and Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service support all the military departments, defense agencies, the foreign national employment program and nonappropriated-funded employees with policy leadership and personnel services.

Civilian Personnel Policy functions

Civilian Personnel Policy and Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service:

  • Serves as the research, analysis, reporting and consulting resource for DoD leadership, informing human capital decision-making and policy-setting with the analysis and forecasting needed to shape a civilian workforce aligned to DoD strategy, goals and objectives
  • Provides strategic support and guidance enabling the recruitment and retention of quality civilian federal employees
  • Develops highly competent civilian leaders by managing the department’s training and leadership development programs for civilian employees
  • Provides policies and programs that support the recognition of outstanding acts of service by dedicated employees and creates a framework that inspires quality service
  • Develops department-wide policy and guidance for managing compensation and benefits for civilian employees, including telework, wellness programs and others for promoting a healthy work-life balance for employees
  • Provides policy for the management of the entire career lifecycle for the Civilian Senior Executive/Equivalent Corps
  • Investigates and provides mediation in cases pertaining to Equal Employment Opportunity
  • Proposes new legislation and updates to existing legislation that affect civilian personnel in the Department of Defense
  • Conducts Federal Wage System wage surveys and establishes pay rates for all regular FWS wage schedules and most special FWS wage schedules
  • Provides human resource information technology functional support

Civilian Personnel Policy and Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service serves all civilian employees in the Department of Defense. The CPP/DCPAS ensures current and future policies and programs operate in the best interest of civilian personnel, while maintaining a strong and qualified staff to support defense efforts around the world.