Accession Policy Mission & Functions


  • Responsible for Policy, Planning and Program Review of Active and Reserve Personnel Procurement and Processing
  • Develop, Review, and Analyze Policies, Resource Levels, and Budgets for Enlisted Recruiting and Officer Commissioning Programs


  • Officer Commissioning
    Service Academies, ROTC, OCS, Direct Appointments
  • Enlisted and Medical Recruiting and Advertising
  • Enlistment Standards and Processing
    Age, Aptitude, Citizenship, Education, Moral Character, Physical Fitness
    Oversight of U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM)
  • Personnel Selection and Job Classification
    Enlistment Testing Policy
  • Evaluation and Oversight of Enlistment Options and Incentive Programs
    Enlistment Bonuses; Education Benefits
  • Analysis to Determine Youth Attitudes Toward Military
  • Evaluation and Reporting of Recruiting Results
    Congress, Senior Oversight Committees, Public (Press Releases)
  • Policy Analysis (Volunteer Force, Conscription, National Service)
    DoD Liaison with Selective Service System
  • Junior ROTC
  • Joint Recruiting Facilities Program