Access the images that represent Manpower and Reserve Affairs. Here you can locate official logos, easy-to-follow infographics and media toolkit materials, as well as instructions for proper use.


Manpower and Reserve Affairs logos authentically represent the efforts of the office to serve the Total Force. To maintain the credibility of logos, they should not be altered, embellished or recreated. Ensure proper usage by reviewing specific guidelines:

  • Maintain original configuration and logo placement.
  • Refrain from stretching the graphic and distorting the proportions.
  • Use the whole logo; cropping is not permitted.
  • Use the original color scheme.
  • Do not recreate the logo as a whole or in part.


Understand data at a glance with Manpower and Reserve Affairs’ selection of infographics. Pull the numbers and statistics that you need, share the infographics or deepen your understanding of a specific subject in the community.

Military Personnel Policy

Blended Retirement System – Active Component (PDF)

Blended Retirement System – Reserve Component (PDF)

Military Community and Family Policy

Impact of Military Life on Spouses Over Time (PDF)

Impact of Military Life on Children Over Time (PDF)

What is Mindfulness? (PDF)

Healthy Base Initiative (PDF)