Director, Operational Readiness & Safety

Since 1995, Mr. Angello has served as the Director, Operation Readiness and Safety, in the office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness. His portfolio includes policy and assessment of military readiness issues with the objective of ensuring ready and responsive military forces. In 2003, Mr. Angello was also asked to serve as the Executive Secretary of the Defense Safety Oversight Council.

Significant activities within his division include readiness planning and guidance, readiness reporting systems and standards, operations and personnel tempo analysis, unit readiness analyses, injury reduction initiatives and measurement systems, and formal military risk assessment.

From 1990-1995, Mr. Angello served on the staff of the Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation. His responsibilities included defense acquisition issues, force structure alternatives, peacetime readiness measures, and the management of the DoD infrastructure. He also served as a senior analyst for the OSD Cost Analysis Improvement Group (CAIG).

Prior to joining the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Mr. Angello held various positions as an active duty Air Force officer.

Joseph J. Angello, Jr.

Joseph J. Angello, Jr.