DoD Directives/Instructions

Drug Demand Reduction Program guidance for the Services and the DoD Agencies is promulgated in four DoD Instructions:

DoD Instruction 1010.01, Military Personnel Drug Abuse and Testing Program

  • Responsibilities for military personnel testing program.
  • Sets a 100% random testing goal.
  • Provides the circumstances for urinalysis testing.
  • Limited use of urinalysis results.

DoD Directives 1010.4, Drug and Alcohol Abuse by DoD Personnel

  • DoD Policy of drug and alcohol abuse.

DoD Instruction 1010.09, DoD Civilian Employee Drug Abuse Testing Program

  • Responsibilities for the civilian employee testing program.
  • Sets a 100% random testing goal.
  • Promulgates required personnel actions.

DoD Instruction 1010.16, Technical Procedures for the Military Drug Abuse Testing Program

  • Provides minimum laboratory operating under chain of custody.
  • Provides minimum analytical testing parameters.
  • Provides DoD standard testing panel cutoff concentrations and reporting requirements.
  • Provides laboratory quality assure certification, decertification and recertification procedures.