Total Force Manpower & Resources

The Total Force Manpower and Resources directorate develops policies and provides support for the mission of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower and Reserve Affairs to achieve the most appropriate and efficient allocation and utilization of Total Force solutions (active and reserve military personnel, civilian employees and contracted services) throughout the Department of Defense. Total Force Manpower and Resources policies and oversight help shape Total Force requirements for force structure and enabling support, workforce-to-workload alignment, manpower mix and life-cycle manpower plans for major defense acquisition programs.

Proactive support to all Department of Defense components, advocacy of analytically based Total Force solutions, and forehanded actions to best align statutes, federal regulations, policies and business practices all contribute to improved Total Force outcomes across the Department of Defense. The directorate is committed — through policy development, oversight and engagement — to helping the department meet its missions across the globe and deliver necessary capabilities through the well-reasoned allocation of military, government civilian and private-sector personnel in a manner that promotes cost effectiveness and efficiency, enhances readiness and sustains the all-volunteer force.