Accession Policy


The Accession Policy Directorate provides advice and support on policies and programs pertaining to the recruitment and accession of both officer and enlisted personnel, enlistment standards and screening tools, recruiter access to colleges and high schools, analysis of recruiting resources and sustainment of the all-volunteer force. 


Responsible for Policy, Planning and Program Review of Active and Reserve Personnel Procurement and Processing Develop, Review, and Analyze Policies, Resource Levels, and Budgets for Enlisted Recruiting and Officer Commissioning Programs



  • Officer Commissioning Service Academies, ROTC, OCS, Direct Appointments
  • Enlisted and Medical Recruiting and Advertising
  • Enlistment Standards and Processing Age, Aptitude, Citizenship, Education, Conduct (DoDI 1304.26), Physical Fitness 
  • Personnel Selection and Job Classification Enlistment Testing Policy
  • Evaluation and Oversight of Enlistment Options and Incentive Programs Enlistment Bonuses; Education Benefits
  • Analysis to Determine Youth Attitudes Toward Military
  • Evaluation and Reporting of Recruiting Results Congress, Senior Oversight Committees, Public (Press Releases)
  • Policy Analysis (Volunteer Force, Conscription, National Service) DoD Liaison with Selective Service System   
  • Joint Recruiting Facilities Program
  • Oversight of U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command (USMEPCOM)

Population Representation in the Military Services