Department of Defense/Veterans Affairs Collaboration Office

The DoD/VA Collaboration Office (DVCO) provides a central point of contact within DoD for the White House, Congress, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), other Federal agencies and stakeholders regarding Service member and Veteran programs.

  • Serves as DoD’s Executive Secretariat for Joint Executive Committee (JEC), Benefits Executive Committee (BEC), and DoD/VA Secretaries’ meetings as needed.
  • Ensure the implementation of the JEC Joint Strategic Plan
  • Provides strategic communications, planning and operational oversight in support of DoD/VA interagency established goals.
  • Collaborates on issues relating to Service Treatment Records (STRs).
  • Coordinates DoD/VA Annual Joint Reports to Congress.

Key Initiatives

  • Suicide Prevention. Joint Action Plan to support transitioning Service members and Veterans with mental health and suicide prevention services, focusing on the first year post-separation. Joint Action Plan submitted to White House.   
  • Common Electronic Health Record. Doing more to facilitate the smooth transition from Service member to Veteran.
  • Shared Contracting for Health Care Staffing Services. Consolidating staffing services contracts from hundreds to a single services contract.
  • Enhanced Supply Chain. Pilot projects for selecting and ordering medical supplies eliminating large stock of inventory and enhance ability to manage facilities and maintain medical equipment.