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Personnel and Readiness Guidance

Health Affairs: Force Health Protection Guidance

  • 1 April 2020: Guidance for Commanders on the Implementation of the Risk-Based Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic

    This memorandum captures previously issued verbal guidance, and provides the Secretary of Defense intent for military commanders as they make and implement critical local decisions in the coming weeks and months. The department anticipates remaining at HPCON “C” as a global posture for the foreseeable future. Memo provides guidance to local commanders to exercise mission command by making rapid decisions above HPCON "C" if required to protect the force.

  • 25 March 2020: Military Department Medical Manpower for Department of Defense Response to Covid-19

    The Secretary of Defense anticipates an increase in requests for assistance from interagency and civilian sources, as well as, increasing challenges to maintain the readiness of our force and the health of our military families. He directs Military Departments to provide a complete list of all active duty and civilian medical personnel, a report of each installation's health protection condition status, and identify if any installation is having difficulty meeting the requirements of their Pandemic Influenza contingency plan.

Personnel and Readiness Guidance

Manpower & Reserve Affairs Guidance

  • Exemption of Premium Pay from Otherwise Applicable Limitations of Pay for Services Primarily Related to Coronavirus Disease 2019

    This memorandum provides guidance on The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (Public Law 116-136) sections that provide the Secretary of Defense with authority to exempt premium pay for services primarily related to COVID-19 from the biweekly premium pay and aggregate annual pay limitations found at 5 U.S.C. §§ 5547(a) and 5307, and other similar limitations applicable to employees covered by the Defense Civilian Intelligence Personnel System and employees in the Cyber Excepted Service. The Secretaries of the Military Departments and the Heads of Defense Agencies and DoD Field Activities with independent personnel appointing authority may determine whether employees are covered by these exemptions, consistent with the criteria in this memorandum.

  • 16 April 2020: Special Leave Accrual

    Effective March 11, 2020 through September 30, 2020, and pursuant to 10 U.S.C. § 701(f)(l)(A) and (B)(iii), members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Space Force performing active service (as that term is defined in 10 U.S.C. § 701(a)) during the effective period, are authorized to accumulate annual leave in excess of 60 days (not to exceed 120 days) as shown on the end of month September 2020 Leave and Earnings Statement. Such members are further authorized to retain such unused leave until the end of Fiscal Year 2023 (i.e., September 30, 2023).

Personnel and Readiness Guidance


  • 22 May 2020: Transition to Conditions-based Phased Approach to Coronavirus Disease 2019 Personnel Movement and Travel Restrictions

    All DoD Service members will stop movement, both internationally and domestically, while this memorandum is in effect, unless the conditions listed in this memorandum are met. All DoD civilian personnel and dependents of DoD Service members and DoD personnel whose travel is Government-funded will stop movement, both internationally and domestically, while this memorandum is in effect, unless the conditions listed in this memorandum are met. Except as provided in this memorandum, this stop movement applies to all official travel, including temporary duty (TDY) travel; Government-funded leave travel; permanent duty travel, including Permanent Change of Station (PCS) travel; and travel related to Authorized and Ordered Departures issued by the Department of State. For DoD Service members, it also includes personal leave outside the local area and non-official travel outside the local area. DoD Components may continue to onboard civilian employees within the local commuting area and civilian employees whose travel to the local commuting area is not government-funded.

Personnel and Readiness Guidance


  • 5 June 2020: Personal Property Relocation Capacity Constraints Resulting from COVID-19

    Defense implemented travel restrictions that disrupted the summer peak season for Permanent Change of Station moves. With the lifting of restrictions and resumption of moves, the household goods industry will be challenged to meet the demands of the resulting backlog. To better match these demands with expected capacity, while maintaining an acceptable level of quality, the Services must adjust relocation volumes to ensure that system wide and local capacity is not exceeded.

  • 7 April 2020: Policy Guidance for Identification Card Operations for COVID-19

    Provides guidance to DoD ID Card offices to maintain continuity of operations, and to minimize the number of non-essential required visits at DoD ID Card offices. DoD is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all DoD personnel and beneficiaries and their continued access to healthcare and all authorized benefits.